Intermodal Transportation Hub.jpg

Client: Arcadis Inc.

Owner: Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA); New York City Transit Authority (NYCTA)

Project Value: TBD

Contract Duration: 2016-2019

Services Provided: Cost Management, Cost Estimating


MTA NYCTA Critical Infrastructure Flood Resiliency Program

New York, NY

During Superstorm Sandy, the weaknesses of the aging existing MTA-NYCTA critical infrastructure were exposed. As a result this project came about as a measure of strengthening the facilities to resist a possible future 50 to 100 year storm event. Flood resiliency of the facilities is proposed through correcting and repair of existing structural faults as well as in some cases building permanent floodwalls and plank barrier systems to resist the rising flood waters. In other cases where the infrastructure in question is more isolated i.e. communications buildings, they will be elevated in place above flood elevations and a new wet flood proof foundation system installed.