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Clients: AECOM

Owner: Long Island Rail Road (LIRR)

Project Value: TBD

Project Duration: Current

Services Provided: Cost Estimating, Construction Management, Scheduling

LIRR Penn Station Substation

New York, NY

This project involved providing cost estimating and scheduling services for a new, fully operational AC-DC traction power substation to replace the existing LIRR Penn Station Traction Power Substation. The scope includes the demolition of the existing substation and protection against flooding and/or high water conditions similar to that caused by Superstorm Sandy. The LIRR Penn Station Traction Power Substation provides control and power to AMTRAK through a Breaker House. The control and power to the Breaker House must not be affected during the replacement of the LIRR Penn Station Traction Power Substation.