MBTA South Acton Station.jpg

Client/Design Team: VMS/Jacobs Engineering

Owner: Amtrak

Project Value: TBD

Project Duration: Current

Services Provided: Conceptual Estimating, Alternative Pricing Features, Site Logistics and Review Schedule analysis

Amtrak East River Tunnel Reconstruction VE Study

New York, NY

During October 2012, Amtrak’s East River Tunnel (ERT) Lines 1 and 2 were flooded with sea water by Superstorm Sandy. As a result of the storm, a study and assessment report was made by HNTB and Jacobs who were able to create a preliminary design based on the report. The design included:

  • Bench wall and duct bank removal and reconstruction
  • Feasibility study for ballast-less track system
  • Tunnel structural stability
  • Signal, communication, overhead contact system (OCS), and traction power design and replacement in kind
  • Fire/life safety and tunnel ventilation during and after tunnel constructions
  • Tunnel drainage
  • Rail operation and system impacts during all phases of construction activities in the tunnel.

The preliminary design done by Jacobs included a schedule and construction estimate. Ellana was brought on as part of the team contracted to VMS to assess the current schedule/estimate, check and modify as needed, and to render professional cost/schedule opinions on design suggestions provided by the rest of the team members to bring about better value for the end user once construction begins and ends.