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Client: RicciGreene Associates

Owner: Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance


Project Value: Various

Contract Duration: 2014-2015

Services Provided: Cost Management, Cost Estimating




DCAMM Courts Capital Master Plan Statewide, MA

Various, MA

This project involved providing cost estimating services at the Master Plan level of this project. Ricci Greene were commissioned by the State of Massachusetts to complete a Master Plan of all courts in the State to be renovated, demolished, rebuilt, or to create new courts for the expanding court system. This project involved providing the team with cost information for typical renovations and new building costs. The project covered all courts and associated buildings with the State, totaling approximately 80 buildings throughout 26 different court districts. Significant challenges were investigated, including life-safety and ADA issues within existing courts, MEP systems upgrades, structural repairs, and cost implications for projects overt a 20 year projected construction phase.