SUNY Downstate Transplant.jpg

Client: Kallen & Lemelson Consulting Engineers

Owner: New York State Office of General Services

Project Value: $600,000

Contract Duration: 2017

Services Provided: Cost Management, Cost Estimating

SUNY Downstate Medical Center - HVAC Upgrades to Bronchoscopy Suite

Brooklyn, NY

The project comprises modification to the existing X-Ray for use as Bronchoscopy lab.   The scope of    this project is to provide adequate ventilation to the room to bring it up to code. Existing ventilation is recirculating air from the room back to central air handling unit which is not allowed by the Health Code. The proposed ventilation systems will eliminate recirculation of air from the X-ray room and will exhaust room air to outside. New roof-top mounted unit is proposed for the project with associated fan coil units, new distribution, and air duct, and exhaust. Even though that project is not big in scale it presented number of challenges such as working in the L&D unit above the X-Ray room to provide access to the main service and maintaining operations in the surrounding labs and offices.

The estimates are scheduled to be prepared at each design milestone. The initial estimate is complete and the project is now in the design development phase.