Client/Architect: FXFOWLE

Owner: Brooklyn Friends School

Project Value: $16,000,000

Project Duration: 2011

Services Provided: Project Scheduling, Cost Estimating

Brooklyn Friends School Renovation & Expansion

Brooklyn, NY

This project entails the strategic expansion of Brooklyn Friends School. In addition to opening the new Family Center at Brooklyn Friends on 189 Schermerhorn Street, BFS is undertaking the renovation of classrooms and corridors on the second, sixth and seventh floors at 375 Pearl Street. This work will provide classrooms to accommodate the additional sections of first grade (as of 2011-12) and second grade (as of 2012-13) as outlined in the BFS Strategic Plan. There will be 8,634sf of space renovated at 375 Pearl Street and 4,752sf of new construction at 189 Schermerhorn Street Brooklyn Friends School is an Independent Quaker School for Students serving grades PreK-12 since 1867.