Visionary Vehicles.jpg

Client: Cavanagh/Stewart International, Inc.

Owner: Visionary Vehicles

Project Value: Confidential

Contract Duration: 2015

Services Provided:  Cost Management, Cost Estimating

Visionary Vehicles Prototype Building

New York, NY

This project involved providing cost estimating services for a prototype building for a Chinese car dealership to be built in every major city in the US. The building would include state-of-the-art showrooms, specialized service areas, and support office spaces. Housing spacious gallery-like showrooms and an on-premise half-mile test track, all of Visionary Vehicles 250 dealer facilities will re-create an “Auto Show” experience for the consumer. Consumers will be able to see, test drive, and learn about Visionary’s full line of cars and trucks in a spacious auto show-like environment.

Cost estimates were performed for a potential location in New York City along with the estimated cost differentials/indexes for other proposed sites.