ELLANA provides project scheduling services for a variety of clients - A/E Teams, Regulatory Agencies,  General Contractors, and Trade Contractors.  Our team will evaluate, monitor and enhance the master project schedule throughout the pre-construction and construction process.

The project schedule is the backbone of the construction management effort. It is the framework for measuring performance against plan; a means for optimizing project sequence before labor, materials and facilities are committed; and a means for developing effective workarounds to address unforeseen events.

The comprehensive CPM master schedule, prepared during the design phase and monitored throughout project duration, will serve as the projects’ controlling document. The baseline schedule links all project activities and identifies tasks, responsibilities, and milestones for major actions for each project participant.

ELLANA will review and analyze the schedules for completeness, logic and reasonability. We will continually review and monitor actual progress and resource usage, and record it against planned logic, sequencing, as well as quantities installed to identify deviations from the approved schedule.