MTACC ADA Elevators at Eastchester and LaGuardia Bus Depots.jpg

Client/Architect: Dattner Architects

Owner: Port Authority of New York & New Jersey (PANYNJ)

Project Value: $137,000

Project Duration: 2011

Services Provided: Cost Estimating Cost Management

PATH Tunnel Emergency Evacuation Shafts-Lighting & Exit Signage

New York, NY & Jersey City, NJ

The project objective involved the replacement and/or installation of new signage, emergency lighting and photoluminescent markings at six (6) locations to allow for safe egress from the tunnels in the event of an emergency. The PATH railway system includes emergency evacuation shafts (stairwells) within the underground tunnel system that lead passengers to street level in an emergency event.

The engineering department evaluated the conditions and provided recommendations for several of these shafts - Washington Street and 15th Street located in New Jersey, and Morton Street shafts located in New York.

For Dattner’s submission to the PANYNJ, we provided construction cost estimates at the 50%, 100% and final stages of the design phase for STAGE III submittals, and adhered to the PANYNJ’s guidelines and format, in accordance with their “construction estimating guide."