NYCSCA Hurricane Sandy Damage Asssessment of SCA Buildings.jpg

Client/Owner: New York City School Construction Authority (NYCSCA)

Project Value: Various

Contract Duration: Current

Services Provided: Cost Management, Cost Estimating


NYCSCA Hurricane Sandy Damage Assessment of SCA Buildings

Brooklyn, NY

This project involved providing cost estimating assistance during due diligence phase of the damages assessment and recommendation for repair of the SCA schools damaged during hurricane. Estimates were prepared for the immediate repairs to keep schools operations, and future provisions for future upgrades, rehabilitation and permanent repairs (mitigation options). The proposed repairs include major mechanical/electrical equipment replacement, civil work, architectural and structural repairs and upgrades. The project involves complete upgrade of the existing schools to implement flood mitigation measures to prevent damages from future storms. Estimates have been prepared for the report phase through the construction documents submission.

  • AJ Engineering: PS 105, 198, 253, 410, 101, 620, 180

  • Lilker Engineers: PS 90, 303, 188, 329

  • Bladykas Engineering: PS 195, 207, Beach Channel High School Shenoy Engineering: PS 276, 279, 12

  • Aecom: SCA Bureau of Supplies