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Client/Owner: New York City School Construction Authority (NYCSCA)

Project Value: Not-to-Exceed $750,000 in fees

Contract Duration: 2007-2009

Services Provided: Cost Management, Cost Estimating


NYCSCA 2007 On-Call Cost Estimating Contract

NEw York, NY

As part of our on-call cost estimating services contract with the NYCSCA, ELLANA prepared 30%, 60%, and 100% construction-document cost estimates for the following projects:

New Construction Projects

  • PS/IS 798 K (Brooklyn): 6-stories 97,430sf, $50 million.

  • All City Leadership H.S. (Brooklyn): 6-stories, 53,171sf, $30 million. PS 264K (Brooklyn): 6-stories, 74,450sf, $41 million.

  • PS/IS 177X (Bronx): 5-stories, 97,120sf, $55 million.

MEP System Upgrade Projects


  • Lafayette School: Mechanical system. PS 56K: Heating plant, climate-control. PS 81K Boiler and climate-control.

  • PS 108K Boiler and climate-control. IS 383K Boiler and climate-control.

  • PS 120K Boiler and climate-control & tank removal. PS 147K

  • IS 61K

  • PS11K: Domestic piping, food elimination, low-voltage electrical system, boiler, climate-control and mini- school roof upgrades.


  • PS 89Q: Climate control.

  • IS 227Q: Heating plant upgrades. PS 203Q

Staten Island

  • PS 23R: Boiler, climate-control.


  • PS 108X: Boiler conversion, climate control. MS 399X: Boiler & climate-control.

  • William Taft HS: Boiler & climate-control S 43X

  • PS193X IS 216X

  • Manhattan

  • PS 36M: Heating plant, climate-control. PS 76M: Boiler & climate-control.

  • PS 50M: Boiler & climate-control. PS 194M: Boiler & climate-control.