Nock Molin School.jpg

Client/Architect: Miller Dyer Spears

Owner: Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA)

Project Value: $25,000,000

Contract Duration: 2012-2015

Services Provided: Cost Estimating, Cost Management


Nock/Molin School Renovations

Newburyport, MA

The Nock/Molin School was constructed in the early 1970s and serves grades four through eight. The Molin School currently serves approximately 365 students with an area of 31,000sf while the Nock School currently serves approximately 490 students with an area of 42,900sf. The total area, which includes shared program and administrative space is 160,000sf.

The scope of work for this project entails providing cost estimating services to the design team during a feasibility study and the schematic design stage for a renovation of the existing facility, which includes the following areas of need: structural issues-severe cracking due to localized settlement; building envelope with water infiltration issues; antiquated mechanical and electrical systems; sub-standard fire alarm system (FA), lack of smoke detectors, fire doors not tied to FA system; lack of building-wide sprinkler system; restrooms old and worn; and door hardware is old and not ADA compliant.

The project will also incorporate either MA-CHPS or LEED-S design criteria.