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Client/Owner: New Jesey School Development Authority

Project Value: Various

Contract Duration: 2013-2016

Services Provided: Cost Estimating, Cost Management, Project Scheduling


NJSDA Estimating/Cost Analysis & Scheduling Services

State of New Jersey

The NJSDA is charged with the design and construction of school facilities projects throughout New Jersey, and has established an internal contract management division to address cost estimating and scheduling services in connection with all NJSDA projects.

Through this task order contract, Ellana provided the NJSDA with cost estimating and schedule analysis services in connection with approved capital plan projects, including but not limited to the construction of new, or additions to public schools of various sizes and grade alignments (projects ranging in anticipated construction costs between $15 million to $100 million) located throughout New Jersey. In addition, cost estimating services were required for various rehabilitation projects in connection with the NJSDA’s emergent project program (projects ranging in anticipated construction costs between $500 thousand to $10 million).