MTACC ADA Elevators at Eastchester and LaGuardia Bus Depots.jpg

Client: Urbahn Architects PLLC

Owner: MTACC

Project Value: TBD

Contract Duration: Current

Services Provided: Cost Estimating, Cost Management




MTACC ADA Elevators for 57th Street N, Q, R, & W Stations

New York, NY

This project will provide three new ADA elevators at this station: one from street level to the fare array, and two from the fare array to the platform level. This task entails major utilities relocation at street level and platform level to accommodate the new elevators. In addition to this, the fare array, communications hub for the station, and employee facilities will be relocated and reconfigured for the new special layouts as defined and required for the elevators’ installation. The work will need to be phased construction done during off shift nights and some weekends. The total construction duration is estimated by MTACC to be between 37 and 42 months.