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Client/Architect: Lothrop Associates

Owner: Leewood Country Club

Project Value: $11,000,000

Project Duration: 2010

Services Provided: Cost Estimating, Cost Management


Leewood Country Club

Eastchester, NY

This project involved providing cost estimating services for the master planning phase of the existing Leewood Country Club facilities. The proposed modifications were broken out in 7 phases and included the following:

  • Relocation of the existing dining room from the ground floor to the midsection of the 2nd floor Removal of a portion of the ground floor in the southwest corner of the building to create a two story open space

  • Creation of a new corridor passageway to the proposed new elevator adjacent to the present kitchen location

  • Proposed new elevator adjacent to the kitchen on the ground floor thus requiring a new elevator pit in the basement and creation of a shaft through the ground and second floor

  • Replacement of existing elevator and stairs within the facility Renovation of interior finishes within the facility Refurbishment of the existing pool and surrounding paving

  • Creation of new outdoor terrace decks with open to the weather coverings