Glen Cove Feasibility.jpg

Client/Architect: Helpern Architects

Owner: Glen Cove Hospital

MEP Engineer: Kallen & Lemelson

Project Value: $6,000,000

Contract Duration: 2009-2017

Services Provided:  Cost Estimating, cost management

Glen Cove Hospital Alcohol & Substance Abuse Center - Feasibility Study

Glen Cove, NY

This project involved providing cost estimating services for the conceptual design of the new alcohol and substance abuse center (future site pictured left). The hospital seeks to combine three outpatient programs into one common facility: adolescents, women/children and adult outpatient. The new single-story brick structure would incorporate all three programs, with common waiting and lobby area, reuse some of the existing parking spaces while providing additional parking capability. Our team used the conceptual drawings and program outline to develop a budget that addressed the needs of the facility, while providing Helpern with potential value added ideas for design rather than the traditional “un-design” of Value Engineering exercises. Helpern explored three program concepts: pods, linear threads andaxes.  The ideas addressed circulation and fl ow, individual outpatient program use and autonomy, and issues of privacy. Each concept also considered building entry and its relation to the open space on the property as well as potential for expansion of the programs.