Creedmoor Psych Center Chiller Plant a.PNG

Client: Genesys Engineering, P.C.

Owner: Creedmoor Psychiatric Center

Project Value: $9,000,000 (Aggregate)

Contract Duration: 2006-2007

Services Provided:  Cost Management, Cost Estimating

Creedmoor Psychiatric Center - New Boiler Chiller Plant

Queens, NY

This project involved providing cost estimate preparation at all design stages and construction for the new central boiler and chiller plant for the Creedmoor Psychiatric Center. The new plant included two 900-ton electric centrifugal chillers and two 400 bhp dual-fuel boilers installed in a new building. The project included installation of underground chilled water distribution and steam distribution to the main facility, as well as related upgrades to the existing building, utilities, and site work alterations.