Coney Island Hospital Flood Migitation.jpg

Client/Owner: New York City Office of Management and Budget (NYCOMB)

Architect: New York City Office of Management and Budget (NYCOMB), New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC), New York City Health and hospitals Corporation (NYCHHC)

Project Value: $700,000,000

Contract Duration: 2015

Services Provided:  Cost Management, Value Engineering

Coney Island Hospital - Mitigation Project

Brooklyn, NY

This project involved being engaged by the NYC OMB to prepare an independent cost estimate and participate in value engineering workshop for this project. The cost estimate was produced based on conceptual documents prepared by the FEMA pre-design team, and was reconciled with the Architect’s Cost Consultant. The reconciled estimate was further used as a basis of a “Value Engineering” study that enhances/improves upon the design as well as efficient use of the available funding with major funding from “FEMA”.

The CIH project consists of new “CSS” building approximately 352,000 gross square feet, (Critical Services Structure), new 350 above grade parking structure, rebuilding and/or replacement of existing structures, and flood mitigation features for portions   of CIH impacted by Hurricane Sandy. Requirementsfor the project included elevating all necessary MEP equipment, utilities and infrastructure to protect against the risk of future flooding.

In addition to disaster mitigation, project design included Coney Island Hospital necessary programmatic needs: necessary utilities and   infrastructure appropriately designed and elevated to provide uninterrupted and state of the art service protected against the risk of future flooding. Mechanical systems, included boilers, condensate systems and chillers, normal and emergency switchgear, automatic transfer switches, transformers, UPS systems, emergency generators, domestic water and fire pumps, domestic hot water generators and pumps, medical and vacuum pumps, oxygen, nitrous oxide, nitrogen, and CO2 manifolds, pneumatic system, communications, elevators, information, and security systems.