Center for Rapid Recovery.PNG

Client/Architect: Helpern Architects

Owner: The Center of Rapid recovery, Inc.

Project Value: $2,000,000

Contract Duration: 2010

Services Provided:  Project Scheduling, Cost Estimating, Construction Management

Center of Rapid Recovery 

Freeport, NY

This project involves providing cost estimating services for the conceptual design for the renovation of the Center for Rapid Recovery. The plan calls for renovating the existing 4,100 square foot building and building a 3,700 square foot addition. The existing Structure is a 2-story wood frame structure with vinyl siding. The addition will be built of similarly in construction. Based on the programmatic requirements and conceptual lay out and mechanical reports, this project involved providing Helpern with two cost scenarios for the design of the building.

The Center also known as the Training and Research Institute for Cultural Competence is a non-profit 501(c)(3) faith-based and minority-focused behavioral healthcare organization serving racially and linguistically diverse residents of Long Island, NY. CRR is viewed as a beacon of hope for communities of colour that suffer with poorer access to and outcomes from medical and behavioral healthcare than the rest of Long Island. CRR is dedicated to eliminating racial and ethnic disparities in health and offering culturally competent care to people with or at risk for developmental disabilities, chemical dependence, HIV/AIDS, mental health related issues and families of such persons.