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Client/Engineer: Sebesta Blomberg

Owner: Massport

Project Value $3.2 Million (aggregate)

Contract Duration: 2012

Services Provided: Cost Management,

Cost Estimating

BOS Logan International Airport - On-Call Services, Improvement Projects

East Boston, MA

Ellana Inc. provided on-call cost estimating services as part of this task order contract for engineering services. The summary of assignments to date include:

  • CHP upgrades at Building #18 – provided estimates at each design submission ($1 million)

  • CHP Improvements for emergency efficiency, Terminal A and Terminal B; ($2.2 million).

This project involved upgrading the existing HVAC system, itself involved the installation of flow meters on a chilled water pipe, high temperature hot water pipe, steam/condensate pipe, replacement valves, piping modification, and repair of insulation. The electrical scope of work included power to flow meters, installation of new VFD’s, and upgrade of existing Tel/Com system.